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Opportunity to learn

Dear Julie, Charmaine and Malcolm,

Thank you for providing training to our Copy Centre Supported Employees over the past twelve months.

For those individuals and Windarring in general, this has been a most successful venture. It was clear to see at the presentation evening how much the achievement meant to each person there. And from feedback from their peers, parents and Windarring staff, each person has grown and developed through the training. The participants spoke very positively of the course and the presenters and could detail exactly how they had been encouraged and supported to achieve, what they had learnt and how it had benefitted them. They were also awakened to the thought of future opportunities in both work and further training.

I believe this partnership between Access Skills Training and Windarring has been highly successful. I look forward to continuing it well into the future and seeing more people benefit from the opportunity to learn.

So thank you and congratulations on making this so successful.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris O’Connor