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About Us

Access Skills Training is a division of Access Australia Group (AAG) which is based in the Regional City of Bendigo, north of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

  • Internationally Quality Accredited organisation (ISO 9001) which has been delivering Australian Education and Training services for more than twenty years.
  • Strong capability to partner and develop customised accredited programs overseas, either directly or through auspiced arrangements.
  • Nationally accredited through the Australian Skills Quality Authority and is authorised to train and assess an extensive range of accredited courses.
  • Strong reputation for quality, innovation, flexibility and partnering skills.
  • Providing TVET in government,
    private schools and colleges.

Our Capability

  1. Tailor TVET to your needs
    Specialist experts in developing & delivering accredited training programs to develop human capital and a skilled workforce.
  2. Train the Trainer
    Can train your staff to be able to deliver and assess Australian accredited courses and conduct assessments for certification.
  3. Study Tours
    Provide experiences in Australia to observe and understand Australian TVET and training systems in enterprise and educational environments.
  4. Consultancy and advice
    Able to assist governments and organisations develop and implement TVET policy, quality assurance, curriculum development and training techniques.

Benefits of Partnering with AST

  • Raise your school / college profile.
  • At completion of assessment receive an Australian certification that is internationally recognised.
  • Receive quality training and assessment that is relevant to industry standards and of high levels of consistency.
  • Grow global partnership.
  • Student may recieve dual qualifications.
  • High quality Australian Standands.
  • Cost efficient TVET delivery.
  • Improve local teacher professional practice.

AST Key Staff – International Partnering

Specialist Management Team includes:

  • Board of Directors of respected business and educational leaders.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Dr Michael Langdon – extensive education and training, executive experience and board leadership.
  • Senior Director Partnerships: Ben Robins – education and industry training
    specialist, leading business development and industry partnerships for over 15 years.
  • Senior Executive Advisor: NingNing Zhang 张宁宁
  • Senior Executive Advisor: Dr Bin Lu
  • Team of specialist teachers, trainers and industry consultants.