A weekly service from farm to pantry

/A weekly service from farm to pantry

A weekly service from farm to pantry

WHY not stay healthier and help people with a disability gain valuable skills and experience!

For just $30 you can have a bag of fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce thanks to PepperGreen Farm.

PepperGreen Farm is a successful community park for horticulture, environmental education and heritage awareness.

PepperGreen Farm was originally a Chinese market garden until the 1950s, then in later years a plant nursery.

“Ihe recent discovery of a Chinese brick kiln dating from 1859, has helped retain the Chinese heritage of the site.

PepperGreen Farm is operated by Access Australia Group (AAG) to deliver various employment initiatives under the Australian Disability Enterprises banner.

Wonderful bags of fresh, healthy produce are packed and delivered weekly from PepperGreen Farm.

At $30, these bags represent great value with about 10 items, of which three to five items are grown on site, the remaining items are sourced from around central Victoria, for example avocados from Echuca and apples from Harcourt.

Once a week, an email is sent out with a list of the fresh produce inside that week’s bag.

If you wish to purchase, you place an order via email and pick up your bag from AAG’s office in Mundy Street or from PepperGreen Farm.

AAG will also deliver free to your workplace for orders of five or more. Email info@peppergreenfarm.com.au to be included in the weekly mail-out.